XBRL Filing Services in Singapore

With effect from 3 March 2014, companies will need file their financial statements in XBRL in accordance with the revised XBRL filing requirements.

This is prepared through using ACRA’s offline software application-BizFinx filing system so companies can prepare XBRL financial statements in accordance with the revised XBRL filing requirements. If you are looking for a XBRL filing services company to assist your business in Singapore, look no further than Accounting Services.

As an experienced accounting services provider in Singapore, our XBRL filing services are unrivalled. Our team of experts in Singapore will make sure you obtain all financial statements in the appropriate XBRL format. Our XBRL filing services are administered in accordance to the regulations imposed by ACRA. Learn more about how we can help you business by reading on!

Who needs to file?

Singapore incorporated companies (unlimited or limited by shares) are required to file a full set of their financial statements in XBRL format, according to a minimum requirement list within the new ACRA Taxonomy 2013 with ACRA.

This filing requirement is however, exempted for the following companies who will only need to file a PDF copy of its financial statements with Financial Statements Highlights (FSH) in XBRL format:

  • Specific companies regulated by MAS, i.e. commercial banks, merchant banks, licensed insurers, finance companies regulated by MAS; and
  • Companies allowed by law to prepare accounts in accordance with accounting standards other than SFRS, SFRS for Small Entities and IFRS

Companies limited by guarantee and foreign companies and their local branches will continue to file only a full set of their financial statement in PDF format to ACRA.

Who is responsible for the accuracy of XBRL filing?

It is director’s responsibility to review and ensure that the content of the Company’s XBRL filing is complete and consistent before authorizing their company or authorized person to submit the information on behalf of the Company to ACRA.

XBRL filing

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